Compactor Storage

Compactor Storage


If you’re finding a smart storage solution for your office, we are able to help you with that.

Our company, Asia Furniture Co. Pte Ltd, has been trusted by businesses like yours to provide them with top-quality storage systems with innovative designs.

We provide a wide range of office furniture  from compactor storages to lockers.

Special Features of Our Compactor Storage

We understand that every customer has different needs, and the ability to custom-make your compactor storage goes a long way.

The Mobile Storage System, Archiver X-2000, ensures that your company’s filing system is always organised and easily accessible by your staff.

Our Archiver X-2000 also fits well with offices of varying space or real estate. The storage system is able to be installed in two ways; on top of the floor or embedded into the floor.

Furthermore, the sliding feature itself single-handedly maximises space utilisation without needing to haphazardly stack one storage box on top of another.

The compactor storage is manufactured with having low maintenance required. Due to several moving parts, if certain procedures in manufacturing are ignored, wear-and-tear damages are bound to occur.

Thus, we only use high-quality steel of varying thickness, spray-painted with epoxy powder paint to ensure that the material is scratch-resistant and rust-proof.

With the ability to slide smoothly, there won’t be any need to squeeze anything in or out of storage anymore. Our design also includes an anti-tilt safety feature and a safety lock which ensures that users are safe while using the equipment.

In addition, our unique engineering design allows a single operator to easily move up to 12.5 tons by hand!

Why Asia Furniture Co. Pte Ltd?

Here at AFC, we understand what are the important things that your business or office would look out for. That being said, we highly value our customer’s opinions and respect that everyone has different needs.


It is of our utmost priority to make sure that our customer service is above and beyond — before and after-sales.


Kindly reach out to us via our contact form, hotline, fax, or email for more information and enquiries.