Here at Asia Furniture Co. Pte. Ltd. (AFC), we are able to provide you with options aplenty when it comes to increasing your storage in the office. This includes office cupboards , metal filing cabinets , mobile pedestals , and lockers, among others.

Our ARCHIVER steel lockers are available in a wide selection of compartment sizes to suit the varying needs of different organizations. They are lockable compartments that usually come in a standard size –1830H X 380W X 450mmD.


One compartment
Internal dimensions
1677H x 375W x 420mmD


Two compartment
Internal dimensions
828H x 375W x 420mmD


Three compartment
Internal dimensions
545H x 375W x 420mmD


Four compartment
Internal dimensions
403H x 375W x 420mmD


Five compartment
Internal dimensions
318H x 375W x 420mmD


Six compartment
Internal dimensions
262H x 375W x 420mmD


Eight compartment
Internal dimensions
191H x 375W x 420mmD

All standard models offer the following features:
  • Fully concealed door hinges that provide enhanced security.
  • Reinforcing stiffener behind doors for additional strength and rigidity.
  • Label holder incorporated into door for easy identification.
  • Ventilation slots for improved air-flow.
  • CAM-lock or latch lock.
External dimensions 1830H x 380W x 450mmD
  • padlock not included
  • stock colour: warm grey
  • please call for more details

All dimensions and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Benefits & Advantages

All of our lockers are equipped with fully concealed doors. These doors are sturdy and can be locked. There is thus no need to worry about keeping confidential documents or valuable items in these lockers.

You can opt for either CAM-lock or latch lock. However, padlocks are not be included.

The back portion of each locker door of ours is reinforced with a stiffener. This is done to further enhance its rigidity and strength. It also prevents it from getting deformed, dented or broken easily.

Our lockers have label holders on each door which makes identification of its owner easy. Identification of your own locker may get confusing at times, but this will not be the case thanks to our label holders.

Each Asia Furniture locker door comes with six ventilation slots. This improves the air-flow which will prove beneficial especially if you intend to store clothing, particularly damp ones, in the locker.

With improved air-flow, the chances of your locker becoming pungent will also be reduced.

Why choose Asia Furniture?


Having formed in 1967, we are armed with over 50 years of experience and counting. We have managed to establish ourselves as Singapore’s leading manufacturer of quality steel furniture for residential and commercial use.

We have also earned the confidence of our customers, both locally and in other parts of the world.

Options Aplenty

Apart from the standard size, Asia Furniture also offers a wide selection of other compartment sizes to suit your needs.