Dormitory Furniture

Dormitory Furniture

Not unlike the shrinking flats of Singaporean houses, dormitories are constantly plagued with the issue of housing as many people as possible while prioritising comfort.

Fortunately, Asia Furnitures Co’s range of dormitory specific furniture is designed to be spatially economic while providing the means of functioning as a home for multiple individuals.

From storage to bedding, furnishing options for dormitories present an efficient solution to all the concerns presented by the issues of housing.

Bed & Locker

Double Decker Bed Model LC600
Army Double Decker Bed
One Door Locker Size 1750mmH x 500W x 600D for Dormitory
Army Single Bed
Double Decker Bed & Two Compartment Locker
Army Wardrobe

Shoe Rack

4 Tier Shoe Rack
3 Tier Shoe Rack
Metal Bench-1
Single Metal Bench
Size: 1200mmL x 450W x 450D

Fibreglass Canteen Table

Model LC 879-1
Model LC 880A & 880B-1
Model LC 881-1

Kitchen Cabinet

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet
Metal Kitchen Cabinet - LC
Customised Metal Kitchen Locker - LC

Given the nature of housing multiple individuals in varyingly sized quarters, dormitory furniture needs to be both comfortable and streamlined. When horizontal space is limited, proper dormitory furnishing allows living to work vertically.

With double deck beds , dormitory occupants are allowed the comfort of their own space while still reducing the amount of floor space utilised. This not only ensures their comfort but also affords them a greater amount of space in their lodging.

However, the concern for space extends beyond just providing personal space to sleep in. With people comes the need for space and it inevitably leads to clutter. Therefore, dormitory furnishing often requires the inclusion of lockers for the use of occupants.

Lockers are a quick solution to this, offering both a storage option as well as privacy thanks to its locking feature. Their slim but tall structure keeps to the vertical ideology of good dormitory furnishing and still offers the versatility in storage for clothes and other personal effects.

Furthering the streamlining of storage is the two-compartment locker, the perfect complement to double deck beds, allowing two individuals to store their property in a fashion similar to their sleeping arrangements.

Even in standard housing with minimum inhabitants, hygiene is a constant plague. That same concern is multiplied in dormitory rooms with multiple occupants.

Multi-tier shoe racks offer a flexible solution that prevents the spread of dirt across their living space. It also continues the utility of vertical space, and makes the storage of more than just one set of footwear.

If you’re seeking a solution to your dormitory furnishing needs, Asia Furnitures Co’s range of options could be the answer you’re looking for.

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