Mobile Storage System

The Archiver X-2000 Mobile Storage System has ideally combined maximum versatility, storage capacity and space utilisation with features such as low maintenance, reliability and user-friendliness.


Mobile Storage System X-2000

Filing systems and archives serve as the memory and backup facility for most organisations. Sound corporate decision-making and long term success depends on information readily available from the storage system.

Excellent storage performance requires a high degree of efficiency in storage systems that extends to all aspects of organisational requirements, regardless of whether it is for long term planning or day-to-day operations.

Mobile storage systems have been used in many sectors of commerce and industry, such as the following:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Plants and Factories
  • Radio and TV Stations
  • Government Departments
  • Computer Centres
  • Commercial Offices
Mobile Storage System_Diagram4

No two storage or filing systems are exact duplicates of each other as no storage requirements are alike. With an ever expanding range of accessories, the Archiver X-2000 Mobile Storage System provides customised solutions with many different types of configurations to meet individual needs.


Storage Capacity

The Archiver X-2000 has been designed to cater to all space, storage and filing requirements. If forms an extremely efficient storage system for books, paper/pocket files, arch files, binders/cartridges/diskettes, stationery and other items.


Space Utilisation

Synthesizing the space provided on existing premises and developing and optimum concept tailored to any customers' specific needs, the Archiver X-2000 is designed with a view to maximise space utilisation.


Low Maintenance

The Archiver X-2000 Mobile Storage System is manufactured using high quality steel of various thickness which is coated with epoxy powder for a hard, scratch resistant finish. In addition, the Archiver X-2000 uses a direct drive mechanism which reduces wear and tear on the rails, castors and mechanism.



Breakdowns in the filing system may severely affect business operations in general. The Archiver X-2000 uses up-to-date technology and superior materials to ensure durability and reliability.



Equipped with our sophisticated engineering technology, it allows a single operator the ability to move up to 12.5 tons effortlessly by hand. In addition, the safety lock and anti-tilt device makes the Archiver X-2000 system safe for users.


The railings of the Archiver consists of galvanised external sheath and a solid core of galvanised steel. This allows for an extremely strong and rust resistant foundation for the system to run on.

The Archiver's unique 3-fold design prevents ladies' high heels from getting caught in the rails while walking within the system. The 28mm high rails reduces the danger of users tripping and falling when walking in and out of the system.

They can be installed in two ways:

  1. Above the floor
  2. Embedded into the floor

All dimensions & specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

*     Special dimensions/requirements possible upon request. Please call for details.