Asia Furniture Co. Pte Ltd has been around for over 50 years in the storage solution and furniture industry.


In an era of co-working spaces and out-of-home offices, many Small and Medium Enterprises in Singapore may not have a big office space initially. Hence, managing space efficiently becomes a priority.


Asia Furniture Co. Pte Ltd offers some of the best mobile storage systems and adjustable lightweight furniture. Our compact office chairs, metal filing cabinets and sleek office cabinets are all ideal solutions for space management.


Yet another amazing product that we offer is the compactus – a horizontal filing cabinet on rails used in offices for space efficiency.


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Why use a compactus?

Extra floor space

Compactus is an excellent storage solution for saving floor space. It takes up much less space than traditional storage units. If you have less space or need free area for other things, compactus is the right way to go.

Additional storage

Another advantage of compactus systems is that they are essentially large and can replace your traditional bookshelves and filing cabinet type units. Our compactus units come with secure tracks and are easy to move around.


Asia Furniture offers customizable compactus storage units and you can adjust them as per your needs. Our wide range of products are suitable for all purposes – office, residential and commercial.

Why choose us?

Founded in the year 1967, Asia Furniture Co. Pte Ltd offers a wide range of products. We are a trusted name when it comes to storage system solutions and furniture in Singapore.


With a reliable customer care support team and experienced staff, Asia Furniture is your one-stop destination for storage and furniture needs. Call us at +65 67473366 or write to us at to know more about our products and services.