Double Deck Bed

Double Deck Bed

It is important for many who work physically demanding jobs that a place for proper rest is easily accessible. However, the reality of dormitories is that space is a limited resource, and overcrowding is a situation that space and office managers often encounter.


Asia Furniture Co’s inventory of dormitory dedicated furnishing includes multiple possible solutions to streamlining space utility. A significant piece of furniture to this end is the double deck bed, essentially allowing two sleeping individuals to utilise the floor space of just one person.

The Economic Solution

An easy and affordable solution is to utilise the usually unused vertical space of the dormitory units. This would allow the inhabitants to retain comfort without having to restructure or physically expand the location.

Double deck beds are a quick tool for spatial streamlining. They are also a budget and space-conserving approach. This makes it possible for dormitories to realistically, and reasonably, implement the use of double deck beds across the board.

This also allows for more free space in dormitories, preventing unnecessary cramping in the finite space.


Ensuring Comfort

It is the priority of all living spaces to provide comfort and to make rest easily accessible. With the concern of housing multiple occupants a reality in often small spaces, comfort might be sacrificed in preference of efficiency.

With double deck beds, however, that would no longer be a necessary option. Double deck beds allow twice as many people to occupy the same amount of horizontal floor space. By vertically stacking beds, comfort does not need to be compromised.

Double deck beds also utilise regular bed sizing, making it easy to equip the beds with easily purchasable mattresses. This also means that replacing worn mattresses will not be an issue.


Looking to Revamp Your Interior Without Sacrificing Comfort?

Asia Furnitures Co, armed with over 50 years of experience in various furnitures such as mobile pedestals and compactus , will ensure that the double deck bed you purchase is sturdy yet comfortable.

Visit our site or give them a call to further explore other possible options that may be available. Our service staff are best equipped to assess your needs and ensure that only the best options are explored.