Metal Lockers

Metal Lockers

If you’re looking for an Office Storage System Specialist to solve your storage issues in your office then look no further — at Asia Furniture Co. Pte. Ltd. (AFC), we are provide you with options aplenty. This includes office cabinets , cupboards , compactor storages , and even metal lockers, to name a few.


Our metal lockers are also known as ARCHIVER steel lockers. Their dimensions are 1830H X 380W X 450mmD.


●       Resistance

All of our metal lockers are resistant to chemicals, bacteria, lethal substances and fire. This ensures that anything placed in our lockers will remain safe and intact.


●       Pest-Free

Our metal lockers are specially designed and built to prevent pests from crawling in, which means that any consumables stored in the lockers are safe.


●       Guaranteed Security

AFC’s metal lockers come with fully concealed door hinges to ensure optimal security. You can choose between either a CAM-lock or latch lock for your locker.


●       Ventilation

Each of our metal lockers is equipped with six ventilation slots to improve air-flow. This prevents your locker from smelling foul, especially if you had placed some damp materials in it.


●       Durable

Metal lockers are strong and will not break or get deformed easily. Its sturdiness enables it to last long without the need for constant repairs or replacements thus making it a locker that is of low maintenance.


●       Affordable

Although metal lockers are sturdy and of high quality, our metal lockers are priced reasonably.

Why choose Asia Furniture?

●       Customer Satisfaction

In AFC, we prioritize customer satisfaction. We ensure that all of our customers’ needs are met and aim to exceed their expectations. We also make sure that our products are delivered no later than the expected date.


●       Experience

Established in 1967, we are armed with over 50 years of experience. We are Singapore’s leading manufacturer of quality steel furniture for both residential and commercial use.


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