Office Furniture

Office Furnitures


 Asia Furniture Co. Pte Ltd carries over 50 years of industrial experience as a leading solutions provider of office storage systems.


Our company features top-grade office furniture from the Archiver collection, known for its artistic design and ergonomic functions.  


Contact one of our experienced team members today to find out how we can enhance your immediate work environment with our specialized products. 

Advantages of Quality Office Furniture

Office furniture should be manufactured to handle frequent use. Choosing the right furniture will help organisations reduce costs by preventing the need for regular refurnishing.


A well-furnished office will enable organisations to leave a favourable impression on their staff and visitors, which boosts its professional image. 


Good furniture is built to last. Steel is a material commonly used in the manufacture of office furniture. The scratch-resistant and rust-free surfaces of steel will keep your furniture looking as good as new for years. 

Compatible Aesthetic

For a consistent appearance, every furniture should feature complementary colours and designs that fit seamlessly with the rest of the office. This makes the layout thematic and visually appealing. 

Why choose Asia Furniture Co. Pte Ltd?

Established in 1967, Asia Furniture Co. (AFC) Ptd Ltd strives to provide valued customers with top of the range standards in products and services for residential & commercial projects. Our team prioritises customer satisfaction as a core tenet in our mission

Every AFC product is made with care and dedication. We provide a comprehensive range of products, which includes lockers , double deck beds and office chairs. Our strictly regulated practices in quality control ensures minimal defects toward fulfilling the requirements of our customers.

We offer products that are specially designed to complement the dimensions and style of your interior spaces. 

Asia Furniture Co. Pte Ltd is the reliable specialist in providing steel furniture that will optimize the layout of your office.