Book Trolley / Racks

Book Trolley

The ARCHIVER Book Trolley has been designed with the end user in mind. Its rounded handle situated at the top of either end provides users with a convenient yet safe handhold for pushing the trolley around.

Angle Iron Rack

Standard features of the ARCHIVER angle iron racks are:

  • Pre-treatment of all metallic parts with rust resistant coating¬† before painting.
  • Coated with epoxy powder paint which is baked to a smooth and scratch resistant finish.
  • All shelves are designed to take an evenly distributed load of 100kg.

The angle iron racks are available only in a graphite colour.

The Boltless rack are available only in a beige colour. Maximum load capacity per shelf: 200kg uniformly distributed load.

Angle Iron Rack

Boltless Rack with 8mm Thick Fibreboard Shelf with Coated White PVC Laminated on Both Sides