Handphone Lockers

Handphone Lockers


With over 50 years of experience, Asia Furniture Co. Pte Ltd has remained a leading solutions provider of premium office storage systems.

Our range of handphone lockers are manufactured from materials of the highest quality. Each model is guaranteed to keep your valuable items safe and protected at the workplace.

Speak to any one of our dedicated experts to learn more about our comprehensive collection of steel furniture to fulfill your office needs.

Features of Quality Handphone Lockers

Handphone lockers may improve workplace productivity by reducing distractions from phone calls and text messages. Choosing a quality locker will ensure that mobile phones are kept in a secure storage to offer a peace of mind to owners.


High Durability

Lockers manufactured from sturdy materials such as steel are damage-resistant and provide additional protection for its contents. Mobile phones are possessions that contain personal data that require maximum storage security.


Spacious Interior

Quality lockers should be equipped with large compartments that accommodate phones of varying sizes. Additionally, wider lockers may double up to store laptops and other handheld devices for additional security when not in use. 

Effective Lock System

The locking mechanism should provide effective security with an ease-of-use. This will prevent forgotten passwords and reset procedures.     

Why Choose Asia Furniture Co. Pt Ltd?

Founded in 1967, Asia Furniture Co. (AFC) Ptd Ltd provides valued customers with top of the range standards in products and services for residential & commercial projects. Our team is always committed toward exceptional service quality for our valued customers. 

Superior Quality

Every AFC product is handled with care and dedication. We provide a comprehensive range of products, which includes compactus, double deck beds and office chairs. Our regulated practices in quality control ensures minimal defects to fulfill the demands of our customers.

Customised Solutions

We stock products that are designed to complement the specific dimensions and style of your offices. Our skilled team is ever ready to provide the most suitable furniture options based on your office design plans. 


Asia Furniture Co. Pte Ltd provides organizations with lasting and highly functional furniture that will maximise storage systems.