Mobile Storage Systems

Mobile Storage System


Are you looking for high-quality furniture at cost-efficient rates in SIngapore? Offering a wide range of products, Asia Furniture Co. Pte Ltd is a trusted name when it comes to storage system solutions and furniture. From office furniture  to dormitory furniture  — we offer it all. We provide a comprehensive range of products, which includes book trolleymetal lockers,  double deck bed  and office chairs .

Having been in the industry for over five decades, our team of experts are able to help you get the most suitable storage solutions as per your requirements. If you have a job that requires you to move a lot, the most ideal storage solution for you is a mobile storage system.

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Benefits of Mobile Storage System

Easy to move

Mobile storage systems are easy to move. Asia furniture offers a wide range of mobile storage units that are very easy to assemble and disassemble when needed.

Flexible storage

These storage solutions are customizable and can be modified easily as per use hence offering a flexible storage option. With Asia Furniture, you can choose between a wide range of container sizes and designs tailor-made to suit your specific needs.

Safe and secure

Since these units are portable, you are the only one with a key — unlike the wooden/metal storage units that are pre-installed in your home by the owner or previous tenant. Hence, the safety and security of your items is heightened with these storage solutions.

Why choose us?

Founded in the year 1967, Asia Furniture Co. Pte Ltd is an expert in office and other storage system solutions.  We are also a leading manufacturer for quality steel furniture for residential as well as commercial use.

In other words, Asia Furniture is your one-stop destination for storage and furniture needs. You can get in touch with us by simply filling out this online contact form to learn more about our products and services.